Develop Understanding of the impact that Adaptive Area Nozzles have on UHBR powerplant performance via a combination of computational and experimental evaluation of candidate concepts.


Propose Methods that aid the design and evaluation of AAN concepts which will help realise the full innovative potential of the AAN design.


Identify barriers that need to be resolved in order to achieve the sustainable performance benefits  associated with AANs.  This will realised by exploration of the installation effects that candidate AAN designs have on the surrounding nacelle and air frame architecture.


Establish a best practice  in AAN installation effect analysis informed through experimental, computational and industrial experience.


To achieve these objectives, the project is structured around 5 stages:

  1. Design of Simulator Rig and Models.
  2. Manufacturing of rig and models.
  3. Commissioning of Simulator Rig.
  4. Wind tunnel test and CFD of simulator with models.
  5. Analysis of generated data.